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Desert Committee Study Trips

About Desert Committee Study Trips

The CNRCC* Desert Committee’s purpose is to work for protection, preservation, and conservation of the California⁄Nevada desert. Study trips and work parties sponsored by the Committee are designed to help you see the desert in a way you have not seen it before.

Bighorn Sheep Petroglyph Photo All Desert Committee activities, unless stated otherwise, are suitable for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Special physical conditioning is not necessary. The average car or high clearance vehicle will be adequate for most trips; however, many of the roads used are dirt and, as with all desert travel, you should come prepared. For a good guide to desert travel the Committee recommend the Sierra Club Book Adventuring in the California Desert by Lynn Foster.

* California Nevada Regional Conservation Committee

Photo: Distinctive Bighorn Sheep Petroglyphs of the Coso Range

For a complete listing of CNRCC Desert Committee trips, send a large SASE with 60 cents postage to: Craig Deutsche 2231 Kelton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064. The listings may also be received via e–mail.

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