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WHY NOT HIKE WITH THE ORGANIZATION THAT'S BEEN LEADING HIKES FOR OVER A CENTURY?! All hikes are open to non-Sierra Club members, and are led by first-aid-trained, certified Sierra Club Hike Leaders.

NOTE: THE TOIYABE TRAILS, our Toiyabe Chapter Newsletter, is now online and includes THE MOJAVE MONITOR, our Southern Nevada Group section of the newsletter. Click HERE to access the latest edition.

All phone numbers are 702 unless otherwise noted Please use email when leaders state that they prefer email---especially if you have a long distance telephone number.

* - Event includes conservation and/or education activities

Nevada Tour Operator Ref. No. 2008-0041


November 5 (Saturday) *Anniversary Narrows and Beyond, LMNRA. What did they mine here?
Leader: Bill Marr (433-0743) Level 3-4.

November 6 (Sunday) *Pine Creek--South Fork, RRCNCA. More fall color and cooler temps amid the fabulous cliffs of Aztec sandstone framing the stream. Why do the ponderosa pines grow here at 4500' instead their normal zone at 8000'?
Leader: Jack Sawyer (228-3857) Level 1-2.

November 12 (Saturday) *Frenchman Mt. Great 360 degree views from the top. 1,900' gain in half a mile. Difficult.
Leader: Roger Olsen (526-2181) Level 4.

November 13 (Sunday) *Red Rock Escarpment from Mountain Springs, RRCNCA. We will begin near the Mountain Springs Summit and climb up to the ridge overlooking Red Rock. Then we'll trek back down to the cars. View of Spring Mountain Ranch. What kind of trees are in the forest? About 8 mi., 1500' gain.
Leader: David Hardy (hardyhikers@embarqmail.com.--email preferred--or 875-4826) Level 3.

November 14 (Monday) *Monthly General Meeting.

Our monthly General Meetings have found a fine new home at UNLV! Yes, we now have a venue with great accomodations, a helpful staff and surrounded by students who might just love to join our great SNG journey enjoying, exploring and protecting our environment here in Southern Nevada, our home and around our bigger home - Earth.
Our next meeting will be held at UNLV's Student Union Bldg. located at 4505 South Maryland Parkway, which is just slightly south of Harmon (between Flamingo and Tropicana). We have a contest running: who so ever brings the most guests wins a Free Massage Gift Certificate! There is free parking from 7pm on. Just walk through the double doors, turn right at the elevators and take them to the 2nd floor, we're in room 219. Our program is titled "Everest Trek - Renewable Energy in the Himalayas" Our very own ExCom member, Scott Stevens will share with us a fun photo slide show and presentation of his recent journey towards the top of the world!
Come join in the fun! We'll have free pizza and refreshments! Come eat, drink and connect with our great SNG members both the young ones and the young at heart! See you there... Erik King, Program Chair.

November 19 (Saturday) *Saturday November 19, to the top of La Madre via the springs and mine.
Do bighorn sheep frequent this area? About 7 miles. Leader: Sasson Jahan (499-9218) Level 4-5.

November 20 (Sunday) *Cabin at Hidden Forest, Desert National Wildlife Refuge. 10 mi. RT, 1,200' gain.
Leader: Roger Olsen (526-2181) Level 2-3.

November 24 (Thursday--Thankgiving Day) *Cottonwood Valley Loop, RRCNCA. We go out along a high ridge and return via a trail through the canyons. This will be in the area of Red Rock south of Hwy160. Why is this called "Cottonwood Valley?" 1000' gain. Leader: David Hardy (hardyhikers@embarqmail.com.--email preferred--or 875-4826) Level 2-3,

November 26 (Saturday) *Bowl of Fire, LMNRA. Explore the brilliant rock formations and canyons. What minerals were mined in this area?
Leader: David Hardy (hardyhikers@embarqmail.com.--email preferred--or 875-4826) Level 3.

November 27 (Sunday) *Blue Diamond Hill Loop, RRCNCA. We will hike from the horses to the top of the Blue Diamond Hill and then down to Blue Diamond. What will Blue Diamond Hill look like with a city of 20,000 people? 7-8 mi.
Leader: David Hardy (hardyhikers@embarqmail.com.--email preferred--or 875-4826) Level 2-3.


December 3 (Saturday) *Valley of Fire--Northeast Area. Fossil hunting and slot canyons. LMNRA.
Leader: Bill Marr (433-0743) Level 3-4.

December 4 (Sunday) *Nevada Hot Springs, 5-6 mile round trip, boulder hopping and some scrambling. Leader: Roger Olsen (526-2181) Level 3-4.

December 10 (Saturday) *To the Top of Black Mountain. What type of wildlife does this mountain range support? About 6 mi.
Leader: Sasson Jahan (499-9218) Level 3-4.

December 11 (Sunday)
*Arizona Hot Springs, LMNRA. We'll do the loop route, bring a bathing suit. Why is the spring so hot and the river so cold here?
Leader: Jack Sawyer (228-3857) Level 2-3.

December 17 (Saturday) *Hole 33 to the Geode Field Loop. LMNRA.
Leader: Bill Marr (433-0743) Level 3-4.

December 18 (Sunday) *Rainbow Gardens near LMNRA. 5-6 mile loop hike. What minerals cause these rainbow colors?. Some rock scrambling.
Leader: Roger Olsen (526-2181) Level 2-3.

December 24 (Saturday) *Velvet Canyon Loop, RRCNCA. Beginning in Blue Diamond, over a ridge to Velvet Canyon, we loop back to Blue Diamond. If it has been cold enough, we may see a frozen pond in the canyon. Are there frogs here? 1000' change.
Leader: David Hardy (hardyhikers@embarqmail.com.--email preferred--or 875-4826) Level 3.

December 25 (Sunday--Christmas Day) *Cottonwood Valley Loop to the Base of Mt. Potosi, RRCNCA. Via a pass and back down through Red Canyon. What is the red in Red Canyon?
Leader: David Hardy (hardyhikers@embarqmail.com.--email preferred--or 875-4826) Level 2-3.

December 26 (Monday) *Pinto Valley Loop, LMNRA. 8-10 mi. through interesting canyons and rock formations with fossils. Enjoy the brilliant colors of the land and canyons. Where do the cows come from?
Leader: David Hardy (hardyhikers@embarqmail.com.--email preferred--or 875-4826) Level 2-3.

December 31 (Saturday--New Years Eve) *Calico Loop, RRCNCA. We begin at Red Spring, hike into Gateway Canyon and up a short distance, then up a trail to Sandstone Quarry, and follow a trail back to Red Spring. Petroglyphs, narrow canyons. What is the average temperature now?
Leader: David Hardy (hardyhikers@embarqmail.com.--email preferred--or 875-4826) Level 2-3.

January 2012

January 1 (Sunday) *Hangover Hike - Start the New Year right by joining your fellow hikers on the traditional moderate but scenic hike to Calico Tanks in Red Rock Canyon beginning late morning. Geology of the Aztec Sandstone will be discussed. Group limited to 15 by BLM.
Leader: Geologist Gary Beckman. Level 2/3

January 2 (Monday) *Blue Diamond Hill to Wheeler Spring, RRCNCA. This will be another route on the Blue Diamond Hill which includes deep canyons. We will begin at the horses and end up at Wheeler Spring. Where does the water come from?
Leader: David Hardy (hardyhikers@embarqmail.com.--email preferred--or 875-4826) Level 2-3,

SMNRA—Spring Mountain National Recreation Area
RRCNCA—Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
LMNRA—Lake Mead National Recreation Area
DNWR—Desert National Wildlife Range
NP—National Park
WSA—Wilderness Study Area
HCV—High Clearance Vehicle

*Event includes conservation and/or education activities.

For more information of outings, including an explanation of the hiking levels, please read Hiker Tips.

Hike Hotline (363–3267)

Area code is 702 unless otherwise noted.

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Nevada Tour Operator Ref. No. 2008-0041

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